What is Quilter ADD And Why Is There No Medical Treatment Available?

So, you flipped some blocks around and made an Alternative Design Decision, ok.

Don’t worry your pretty little head about it. I used to be one of those quilters that considered a block sewn into a quilt in the wrong place, or the wrong direction as an “unsew” event. Not any more! For peats sake, it’s a quilt not a DNA sequencing event.

I’ve sewn a few quilt tops with “errors”, then I proceeded to quilt them. On occasion I would notice the error while quilting, but of course it’s just too late to do anything about it. On a few other occasions, I didn’t notice the “errors” until I had bound the quilt and hung it in my house for a few months. It’s pretty funny to discover, after so much time, a complete mix up.

Lots of quilt stuff going on in this beauty

Have you heard the saying that an error in a quilt is just an Alternative Design Decision? I like that idea, after all, it’s good to be an individual.

Take the quilt in these pictures as an example of how a messed-up block can hide in plain sight, even from an “experienced quilter”. If you stare at this quilt long enough, I dare you to find the “ADD”. Mind you, I didn’t know I alternated this design until I stared at this thing for three months.

Quilt Hanging at The Roosevelt Center in Red Lodge Montana
Keep looking, It’s In This Frame

Ok, I’m gonna help you out, at least with the ADD I’ve found so far. The three blocks in the circle are flipped. I must have sewn them together from my design wall layout but did a little flip-a-rue when I sewed the rows together.

Flipped blocks are hard to spot, sometimes

I’ll continue to make a few mistakes, and I won’t beat myself up about it. No one is perfect. Would I have fixed this if I saw it before I quilted it? Probably, but there’s lots of things I don’t unsew. Have you heard of point princesses? Is that even a word combo? A point princess is obsessed with pointing out how wonderful her points are while looking at yours only to comment “you didn’t do that right”. I respond, “hey that’s an alternative design decision, and I like it”.

Wishing you all creative decisions that make you happy, even if they were unintended!

Wanda, also calls herself the Calamity Quilter

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