Calamity stands for an affliction, one who is afflicted by "ideas of quilting"

I just can't stop, I walk around the bolts of fabric in my little quilt studio and ideas just fly over to the cutting table.

Seriously, I can't make everything I dream up, even though I want to. 
 I love dreaming up combinations of quilt fabrics, for myself and others.  One of my favorite questions from my customers is "can you help me find fabric?"

I also have a lot of quilts, I keep them because I have a hard time letting go.
I've noticed that Etsy seems to be popular for selling quilts, so maybe?

I get new fabrics every other week it seems, so I'll figure out how to list them on this website so others can enjoy them as well.

Love from Red Lodge Montana
The Calamity Quilter

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