Website Musings, Where Did My About Page Go?

I have a Shopify website; I clicked the wrong thing and now I’ve hidden my About page. This is how I spend my day. Trying to figure out what to do, or what did I do wrong. One of my kind friends alerted me to the strange content of my about page, apparently, I was selling cupcakes instead of quilt patterns. To try and fix this, I hid or deleted the about page and I have yet to figure out how to bring it back.

Since I started this quilt pattern adventure, I’ve been learning lots of new techy things. I watch video tutorials, over and over again hoping something sticks in this old brain. If you have adult children, you’ll understand that when they say, “just go to the dashboard and change your header” you look at them the same way they look at you when you say, “just roll that car down the hill and pop the clutch”. (I shouldn’t say this, my kids know what a clutch is.)

Learning how to design a website
What pair of glasses work the best

Should I have started this website? Too late, I’ve paid for 3 years of service (the best deal) so I’m committed to making it work, none of these “free trials” for me, oh no! My husband is really proud of me, which makes me work harder. He doesn’t have any idea what a numbskull I am at this stuff, and I don’t think I need to tell him. He’s retired from the healthcare industry and he’s been shouting for years that computers ruined his job.

I’ve decided I’ll use this blog to showcase my computer adventures. It almost feels like a purge of frustration and a bit of comic relief to just get some of this button clicking nightmare down on paper (I mean on the screen).

Til next time.


PS If you noticed a goofy header for this blog, it’s not your imagination. I just need to watch a few more tutorials.

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