chocolate cake

Yes I have scraps, but fabric buying is one of my hobbies

I prefer to start with a whole slice of chocolate cake, not the crumbs.

The whole piece

I admire, I really do, people who use their scraps in very creative ways. I’m just not one of those people, and I like it. I get so much more satisfaction going to the quilt shop and coming home with new fabric, I don’t ever want to change. Go ahead, tell me I’m wasteful, for shame!

How did this whole thing start? Blame it on PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) and my dear husband’s discovery of a method to help my mood swings. I’ll never forget the day I watched an Oprah show about PMS and learned that several times a year, I fit the mood swing monster profile. Whenever my husband spotted this pending storm, he would send me to the quilt shop and the well wish of “I’ll have dinner ready when you get home”. Yes, he’s a very smart man. Back to the Oprah show, I had to look at myself in the mirror and say, “snap out of it Wanda”. I still grabbed my coat and keys and headed to the quilt shop, alone, not in the mood to spend money, but knowing I could if I wanted to.

I used to try and buy fabric only on sale. Sad thing is, I would buy stuff I didn’t really want or need just to take advantage of the sale. I gave a lot of that fabric away. Lesson here, if I bought it because it was on sale even if I didn’t really love it, it was a waste of money.

Now I think totally different, I hope it’s on sale but if I want it, I better get it now, the good stuff doesn’t wait for a sale! If I really love the fabric (because I can’t stop petting it), I buy 3 yards. It’s fun to take it home and pull other loved fabric from my stash and dream up what to do with it.

I have a couple friends who regularly check my quilt room for scraps. I’m happy they found a few things they want or love, but I hear about those totes full of scraps all the time. It’s hard for me to clear my head about fabrics I want to use from a scrap tote.

I even have friends who are saying “I’m not gonna buy any more fabric this year, I’m just gonna use my scraps”. This makes no sense to me. Do you deny yourself the chocolate cake because you had too much chocolate cake last year?

chocolate cake pieces
chocolate cake crumbs

Go have yourself a nice piece of chocolate cake, or how about you get the whole cake!


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  1. Do you consider “stash” different than “scraps”? Some of my stash includes yardage, either uncut, or left over from another project.

    1. why yes I do consider stash differently than scraps. I have an entire wall full of stash, right next to my longarm so I can look at it and pet different pieces occasionally. Buying big pieces I love need a place to hang out till I figure out where they belong

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