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Quilt Problem: Your rotary cutter blade is slowing you down and you’re wondering if it’s too soon to change for a fresh sharp blade.

Why Do I Wait So Long?

  • I thought I just changed my blade a month ago, have I really cut that much?
  • I’m not sure of my blade “stash”, do I have enough blades to change more often?
  • Is this blade really dull or is it my imagination?
Rotary Cutter Parade

I keep a healthy supply of rotary cutters and blades on hand:

  • One for my basement studio
  • One for my art center studio
  • One for travelling to retreats
  • One marked “batting” for trimming quilts after they get off the longarm
  • 3 extra in my rolling tool chest
  • At least 5 extra blades on hand so I don’t use the excuse “I need to order more blades before I change”

The term “less is more” does not apply to my rotary cutting tool collection. What if I nick my blade by accidently running over something I shouldn’t? Have you ever tried to cut with a nicked blade? It’s the most frustrating thing to do. Change the blade!

If you have a dull or nicked blade, please join me in welcoming a new sharp blade to your quilting life. There is actually an increase in the level of a brain chemical called serotonin when your rotary cutting experience is freshly sharpened.

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