Make It Through The Door

A little success story, maybe you can relate?

I am not good at exercising. I find all kinds of excuses to avoid the gym. I haven’t always been this way, but man, it’s been hard lately.

My hubby, Tracy, is a creature of habits. It’s almost annoying. He recommended a book a couple months ago, Atomic Habits by James Clear. James Clear advocates for starting any habit changes with very small chunks of steps needed to accomplish a main goal.

I think the message in this book is helping me, I wanted to share in case it would help you as well.

Here’s a little sample of what I’ve started doing. I can’t say it’s an established habit, I know that takes weeks, but the journey starts with a few small steps.

Make It Through The Door

The goal is very small. Make it through the gym door. I know good things will happen if I just do this one little thing. I also need to help myself get to the door. Here’s a little list.

  • Have my gym bag ready with shoes, socks, ear buds, car key, gym key
  • Go at 7am
  • Don’t take a shower until after the gym
  • Let my husband get the car out of the garage and warmed up

Just to explain. Since my husband retired, he does most of the driving everywhere. He’s a generous spirit and gets some kind of satisfaction from “helping me”.

Just don’t ever stop trying to do better!


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