Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

I think it’s a treasure to help your family with ideas on what to get you for Mother’s Day. Creating traditions can help alleviate some of the angst for gift giving.

I tell my family “I don’t need anything, if I really want something, I’ll get it when I need it”. I’m sure I’m not being helpful at all. I’m not disappointed when I get exactly what I asked for either “nothing”. But to be honest, if I got a gift certificate to a quilt shop I enjoy, I would love it!

Maybe this would help you with your fabric finds. I wish I had a link for a gift certificate right now, but I’m in the beginning of my quilt pattern writing business.

I do have a few patterns coming out, one this week called Mountain Lodge. This quilt has had an evolution of sorts, after trying different ways to make teepees. I found that the foundation paper piecing method is the best. Right now I’m working on a small quilt of the Mountain Lodge, for those who have a need to make something to hang on a wall or display on a table. Head on over to my website and bookmark it if you would like to keep tabs on what’s happening.

Hope our snow melts slowly here in our little mountain town.

Take care,


Calamity Quilter

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