What is a murder mystery quilt?

A murder mystery quilt is a creative and interactive activity that combines the elements of a murder mystery story with the art of quilting. It involves participants working on their own or together to solve a fictional murder mystery storyline while simultaneously creating a quilt.

Since this is a brand new adventure, I’ve created a completely unique and new design for the lap size quilt. I’ve brainstormed about some character ideas and turned them over to my daughter for story development. This adventure is a free project aimed at building fellowship with all quilters who love a challenge. The clues are delivered by email with a downloadable PDF file you can print to help you follow the pattern.

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How was I to know this would be so fun? I’m so excited, I don’t know who done it! My daughter is keeping this a secret from me, because she knows I’ll power forward trying to figure out how this story ends. I’ve read some of her material and I gotta say, I’m really proud. It’s fun to see your adult children do things better than you.

On Thursday August 17th 2023 I’ll be releasing the fabric requirements so you can purchase some fabric or pick from your stash.

On September 21, 2023 I’ll release the first clue to the quilt pattern along with Episode 1 of the murder mystery. Then every Thursday for total of 6 episodes, I’ll release a new clue and Episode until we figure out WHO DONE IT.

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  1. Where do I get the fabric requirements for the mystery quilt? Looking forward to some quilt fun. Thank you.

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